Saryarka main pipeline with laying route on I stage“Kyzylorda-Zhezkazgan-Temirtau-Astana” passes through the territory of Kyzylorda oblast (km 0-178,12), Karaganda oblast (km 178,12—943,069) and Akmola oblast (km 943,069—1063,4).

Kyzylorda oblast
(km 0-178,12)

The beginning of the route is the tie-in to the existing gas pipeline “Beineu-Shymkent” Dn1067 mm at 988 km behind KS-“Karaozek”. 

The route of the gas pipeline follows in the northern direction on the territory of Syrdarya and Shieli region of Kyzylorda oblast along the highway A-17 “Kyzylorda-Pavlodar-Uspenka - border of the Russian Federation” in the direction of Zhezkazgan city.

Karaganda oblast
(km 178,12-943,069)

The track goes along the road A-17 “Kyzylorda-Pavlodar-Uspenka-border of the Russian Federation” in the northern direction from the border of Kyzylorda oblast in the direction of Zhezkazgan city, then in an easterly direction through the technical corridor with MN “Pavlodar-Shymkent” from NPS “Borsenger”to Temirtau. Then the track goes from Temirtau along M-36 “Border of the Russian Federation – Almaty”, the highway of republican value, in the northern direction to Astana city.

The pipeline goes from Borsenger on a plot of 430- 896 km through the technical corridor with MN “Pavlodar-Shymkent” and further toAstana city along the highway M-36 “Border of the RF (to Yekaterinburg) –Almaty”. A significant part of the main gas pipeline passes through the developed territories.

Akmola oblast
(km 943,069-1061,32)

The projected gas pipeline runs from 943,069 km on the territory of the Arshaly region of Akmola oblast from the territory of the Karaganda oblast. Along the pipeline, there are small lakes and reservoirs located on the right and left sides of the axis. The general direction of the route North-West along the automobile road of republican importance M-36 “Border of the RF (Yekaterinburg) – Almaty through Kustanay, Astana, Karaganda cities” and the railway “Petropavlovsk-Karaganda-Shu”. 

Construction states of Saryarka main gas pipeline

I STAGE    MG Kyzylorda-Astana


267,3 billiontenge

1 081 км, DN 820 mm

II STAGE    MG Astana-Kokshetau


48,2 billiontenge

276 км, DN 630 mm

III STAGE    MG Kokshetau-Petropavlovsk


18,9 billiontenge

177 км, DN 426 mm

IIII STAGE   KS Zhezkazgan and KS Temirtau


35,5 billiontenge



369,9 billiontenge

1 534 km